superplate by pada
superplate by pada
superplate by pada
Product Overview

Copper/Stainless Steel tube technology consists of:

  • One plate, usually of aluminium.
  • One canalization system, with copper or stainless steel pipes, suitably bent and equipped with connectors.

The realization process of a water cooled plate consists of the following steps:

  • Milling of the groove on the Aluminium Plate;
  • Copper/Stainless Steel Tube bending;
  • Tube insertion (pressing) in the special groove of the plate;
  • Special resin application to eliminate possible thermal/mechanical discontinuities;
  • Resin hardening;
  • Final Plate surface milling (of both aluminium and tube).

SuperPlate is normally used with water (glycol addition if necessary) as cooling fluid.
The system is normally tested at a pressure of 10 bar.
All the bearing surfaces of the components, side with holes, are suitably milled to obtain ideal flatness (0.01/150 mm) and roughness values (Ra = 1.2 μm).
SuperPlate, available in several dimensions and configurations, according to Customers' specific design, can be also manufactured with special terminals on the pipes and welded assembling flanges.
The stainless steel tubes technology, developed together with some of our major customers, is well suitable for food industry applications or where the cooling water flows on an open circuit. This application, even if steel is less conductive than copper, guarantees best resistance against corrosion.

Pipes are made of copper/stainless steel, with outside diameter of 10 mm and thickness of 1 mm.
Plates used for assembling are made of aluminium, their thickness is between 12 mm and 30 mm.
We are able to develop customized solutions upon Customer's specific request.
GAS connectors can be brazewelded at the 10 mm pipes ends.

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