easyclick by pada
easyclick by pada
easyclick by pada
Product Overview

Easy Click is a new generation of heat sinks conceived by our Research & Development Dept. together with some of our major customers. This product range, developed for PCB, allows the shortening of the assembling time by means of rapid clutch steel clips.

The advantages of this system are the following:

  • no screws, rivets or other mechanical pieces are necessary for the assembly
  • more safety for mechanical mating: clips seats spring up with light pressure exerted on the spring itself
  • more flexibility: various clips are available for different clamping forces (3,5 and 8 kg)
  • lower costs thanks to the optimum clips and profile groove fitting
  • lower stress on components: clamping forces are gauged and perpendicular to the components centre.
Mounting Procedure

procedura montaggio easyclick

Matching Table

Force Applied on the Component (N) as a fuction of Component Thickness and Clip Type.

tabella easyclick combinazioni

  • Easy, cheap and affordable clamping of your transistor to the heatsink.
  • 100% vibration proof , longlasting lifetime.

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