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superpower by pada
ssuperpower by pada
Product Overview

SuperPower is a new series of high performance heat sinks created by Pada Engineering in 1996.

This special technology has been designed aiming at the dissipation of heat in electronic systems of any size and type using forced air. This hi-performance product has been studied by Pada Engineering R&D to design medium-high power electronic systems, considering that the extreme versatility of its performances allows to raise its efficiency, money-saving, thermal characteristics, flexibility and, at the same time, reduction of weight, volume and costs.

Our SuperPower range supplies excellent performances, better than any other device on the market
and fits many fields of application such as:

  • Big systems for data processing, power supply;
  • Inverters for traction, telecom systems;
  • UPS systems, medical instrumentation and military sector.
General notes and Technical data

1) Modules are in aluminium alloy AW6060 as per standard EN 755 - 9.
2) The standard finishing is a simple washing (degreasing).
3) The flatness of the components assembling surfaces is of 0,01 mm/150 mm and the roughness Ra = 1.2 μm.

Dimensional tolerances:

in length: <= 300 mm +/- 0.5 mm
>300 mm +/- 1 mm

in width: +/- (width of the narrowest module)/2 mm

in height: Type T, Y, B, F, V, H, K, Z, M, R,J +0 mm, -1.5 mm
Type G, D, W, C, P +0 mm, -3 mm

The distinguishing caracteristic of SuperPower heatsink lies in the design. In fact, the SuperPower is made of different extruded fins which are assembled together according to specific customer requirements on sizes and thermal performances. Thanks to our special assembling technology – geometries and manufacturing processes are covered by an International Patent – fins form a reliable and compact unit whose high performances have been tested by many specialized laboratories. In particular, exhaustive cyclic tests under temperature and vibration, in full compliance with the IEC77 standard regulations, have pointed out excellent results. In fact, using a special resin, which is put between each fin base before assembling, an optimum mechanical resistance on the finished product is granted.
The torsional stress of each fin, after its assembling, has turned out to be of a resistance power equal to 12 kg/mm, while the maximum bearable load of the surface has turned out to be of 1,8 kg/mm² with no permanent damage. These values are absolutely equivalent to the ones of the extruded profi les. Therefore SuperPower have the same mechanical features of traditional heat sinks assuring even better thermal performances.


SuperPower are characterized by the bearing surface, the fins shape, their relative distance and the ventilation system. The bearing surface has been optimized for mechanical, thermal and economic purposes. For this reason the fins shape (height, thickness and geometry) has been designed to meet every requirement. Fins are available having pitches of 4 or 6 mm, both inplying different features and solving different problems. The 4 mm pitch has higher thermal performances (+ 20%) than the 6 mm type, but the following points have to be taken into account:

  • higher air fl ow pressure drops
  • higher heatsink weight

Due to these reasons, we suggest to use the 4 mm pitch only when the application of the 6 mm pitch does not comply with the thermal requirements.
Processure drop can be reduced/avoided through:

  • perpendicular not longitudinal [fig.1] air flow to fin axis [pressure drop reduction of 50% - see fig.2]
  • double thrust - suction systems

These are not recommended for their efficiency and are used to obtain redundant systems. It’s possible to use indifferently an air thrusting or sucking system, considering that the suction system operates at an higher temperature (therefore it’s less reliable) but it’s noiseless.


SuperPower can be assembled up to a maximum length and width of 600mm. We’re continuously developing the SuperPower concept; please contact us directly for any updating. All the specifications and characteristics mentioned above are subject to changes without notice.

If tight tolerances on the width are requested, side walls for the series “T”, “G”, “D”, “H”, “C”, “M” and “P”can be assembled in the extremities, allowing the side milling to achieve the required width.

The models of the SuperPower series, thanks to the above mentioned “assembling patented system” of the components - also thanks to their special design – can undergo any classical machining such as milling, drilling, screw thread with no problem at all. Machining is carried out in compliance with the EN 22768 /1- m regulations. All the assembling surfaces of the components are always milled so as to create a perfect assembling plane. Galvanic treatments such as anodizing are not recommended on SuperPower.



Thermal Analysis

Lamellare LP6Y/240

L = 300mm (20 x 8507)
Potenza totale Pd = 450 W
T amb. = 30 °C
N°2 fans PAPST 4212NN (163 m³/h)
Temperatura massima sul dissipatore = 67 °C
Rth = 0.082 °C/W

thermal analisy superpower


Lamellare LP6Y/240

L = 300mm (20 x 8507)
Potenza totale Pd = 750 W
T amb. = 30 °C
N°2 fans PAPST 4212NN (163 m³/h)
Temperatura massima sul dissipatore  = 72 °C
Rth = 0.056 °C/W

thermal analisy superpower


Lamellare LP6Y/160

L = 300mm
Potenza totale Pd = 1000 W
T amb. = 40 °C
N°2 fans PAPST 4212NN (79 m³/h)
Temperatura massima sul dissipatore = 86 °C
Rth = 0.046 °C/W

thermal analisy superpower

  • To use in forced ventilation, to reduce weight and volume and increase thermal features, compared with standard extruded profiles. High rate height/pitch fins.
  • Completely in aluminium.

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